Why are Aussies are not able to do simple calculations regarding cricket calendar and rankings?
2010-07-11 04:48:33 UTC
They think India don't tour Aussies.

Is that a pathetic Joke?

They also say India seem to play against SA and Aus at home only.

Well, India is scheduled to tour these countries (SA , AUS , ENG) after every 4 or 5 years.

India toured England in 2002 and then in 2007 and Next India will tour England in 2011 in Jul Aug.

Last India toured Australia was in 2007-2008 , and before that it was in 2003- 2004 , and before that in 1999-2000
Next tour of India in Australia is at the end of 2011 (continuing the same pattern).

And same is with India touring SA. India will go to SA at the end of this year, the Last time it was in 2006 and before that in 2001- 2002 season.
So India is keeping their commitments and its only SA ,AUS who are more interested in playing India.

The reason SA and Aus have played (will play) test matches this year in india is because their cricket boards accepted India's offer to fit more tests. it was not because India was scared to go to AUS or SA.its not like series was scheduled in SA or AUS and India forced to play them in India.If you don't want to play then simply decline. why the eff your team comes here, if they are not happy?

And the other thing which I keep hearing from these dingoes is that India keeps playing bangladesh to "Boost" their rankings.

Hey retards, how is it possible for you to boost your current rankings by playing Bottom Ranked teams all the time ,How is it possible to Boost the ranking when you will only get 1 point for whitewashing that team?

Have India earned those 124 points by beating Bangladesh only?

You idiots should know that after playing bottom ranked teams like pakistan , newzealand and west indies whole season . How many points you gained after beating them?

And furthermore Australia has played more games against Bangladesh in the last five years then India have.infact seven teams have played more against Bangladesh then india (including Aussies)

Why can't you guys look at the stats before barking ?;opposition=25;spanmax2=11+Jul+2010;spanmin2=1+jan+2005;spanval2=span;template=results;type=team
Seven answers:
2010-07-11 05:13:04 UTC
Wow Messidona, its really great. The stats you have provided left me speechless. We always thought that India are playing frequently with Bangas and Sri lankans but you proved it wrong. but the words u r using like idiots and retards are not worthsome. I don't know whether my other australian mates will agree with u or not but I really have no answer to your question. Hope it will be an interesting upcoming series against you people.
2010-07-11 16:04:29 UTC
India 2006 - 2010

Home series wins:4 (Pakistan Australia, England and Sri Lanka)

Home series Draws:2 (South Africa Twice)

Away series wins:4 (2 against Bangladesh, 1 against NZ, 1 against England)

Away Series Loses:3 (South Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka)

2006-2007 South Africa v. India 15/12/2006 3 South Africa 2-1

2006-2007 Bangladesh v. India 18/05/2007 2 India 1-0

2007 England v. India 19/07/2007 3 India 1-0

2007-2008 India v. Pakistan 22/11/2007 3 India 1-0

2007-2008 Australia v. India 26/12/2007 4 Australia 2-1

2007-2008 India v. South Africa 26/03/2008 3 Drawn 1-1

2008-2009 Sri Lanka v. India 23/07/2008 3 Sri Lanka 2-1

2008-2009 India v. Australia 09/10/2008 4 India 2-0

2008-2009 India v. England 11/12/2008 2 India 1-0

2008-2009 New Zealand v. India 18/03/2009 3 India 1-0

2009-2010 India v. Sri Lanka 16/11/2009 3 India 2-0

2009-2010 Bangladesh v. India 17/01/2010 2 India 2-0

2009-2010 India v. South Africa 06/02/2010 2 Drawn 1-1

You decide on the stats rather that personal opinion

Personally I think its a joke and the ICC needs to wake up or hand the control back to the MCC instead of the power base in the sub (talented) continent

Just for the record - Bangladesh series in the same time frame

2006-2007 Bangladesh v. India 18/05/2007 2 India 1-0

2007-2008 Sri Lanka v. Bangladesh 25/06/2007 3 Sri Lanka 3-0

2007-2008 New Zealand v. Bangladesh 04/01/2008 2 New Zealand 2-0

2007-2008 Bangladesh v. South Africa 22/02/2008 2 South Africa 2-0

2008-2009 Bangladesh v. New Zealand 17/10/2008 2 New Zealand 1-0

2008-2009 South Africa v. Bangladesh 19/11/2008 2 South Africa 2-0

2008-2009 Bangladesh v. Sri Lanka 26/12/2008 2 Sri Lanka 2-0

2009-2010 West Indies v. Bangladesh 09/07/2009 2 Bangladesh 2-0

2009-2010 Bangladesh v. India 17/01/2010 2 India 2-0

2009-2010 New Zealand v. Bangladesh 15/02/2010 1 New Zealand 1-0

2009-2010 Bangladesh v. England 12/03/2010 2 England 2-0

2010 England v. Bangladesh 27/05/2010 2 England 2-0

12 series they have played the number of series against

India - 2

Pakistan - 0

Zimbabwe - 0

Australia - 0

New Zealand - 3

West Indies - 1

South Africa - 2

England - 2

Sri Lanka - 2
The Great Montitude
2010-07-11 12:11:39 UTC
You are just over reacting on the wrong comments of some supposedly misinformed Aussie fans,

India and Australia play a lot of cricket home and away. No problem there whatsovere and no point in having a fight with them on the issue
2010-07-11 12:40:33 UTC
What the concern was is that since India toured both Australia and SA for tests, these two countries will have played two test series each in India without India playing in those countries.
Sachin is the Greatest ∑V∑RR!!
2010-07-11 12:03:04 UTC
well if the read this they shouldnt mention that ever again.

obviously everything work's according to ICC's Future Tour Program. people need to look at the FTP before accusing India for not touring.
Long Live Sachin & Santa Singh
2010-07-11 12:36:44 UTC
Wah! maza aa gaya. Tune toh inki M@@ ch0d ke rakh di yaar. Yeh stats jo tune provide kiye hain na..inse toh inki g@@nd se pasine nikalne lagenge. Bhen le L@ude, yeh pakis aur sri lankans bhi inka saath de rahe the, sab ki behen pel di tune toh...keep it up..we need more stuff like this from you.

sabki M@@ behen ek karde...
2010-07-11 16:02:27 UTC
did you know dingoes have no brain?

They lack basic life skills,no wonder they cant think properly and stuck in that droughty land.They are un-educated and know nothing about cricket.

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